Companies Downsizing: Massive Layoffs; Employee’s left to fend for themselves.

Published: 03rd October 2008
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Companies Downsizing: Massive Layoffs; Employee's left to fend for themselves.

Find out what you can do to protect your future and your personal finances.

It's a sad fact of Life, especially in today's market, your job can be here today and gone tomorrow. In fact that's the only Guarantee that Life has to offer, "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow." Companies all across the nation are downsizing, will you be the next victim?

You may work for a company 5, 10, or even 15 years, thinking in the end that you will eventually retire from that company, only to find yourself on the outside looking in. You'll go to work as normal one day and everybody will treat you as they normally do, because only a select few know that you'll no longer be working there by the end of the day.

At the end of the day you'll go to pick-up your paycheck only to find a short note that you are requested to go see the CEO of the company before leaving work for the day. You know that something is up, your paycheck is not where it should be and you are requested to go see a guy whom you very rarely deal with. You know what's going on before you even walk in that door.

No matter how he tries to soften the blow, telling you how great of an asset you've been to the company, etc. It's a blow that takes a while to recover from. What are you going to do? Worst yet, what are you going to tell your wife and family? Honey, I lost my Job today. You may even try to hide it from your wife and family, but how long can you hide the fact that you're not working anymore and you have no money coming in.

It's an extremely depressing feeling being laid off, especially when you know that you have done nothing wrong, you've worked your heart out for the company and this is how they paid you back. You think back to a few months ago when the company tried to tell you how family oriented they are. How much they care about you and your family. Yeah, they really care. They cared so much that they laid you off.

It's then that you realized that the family they were talking about was their family, not yours. They could care less what happens to you , the bottom line is that it's one less paycheck to write.

You see what all your Loyalty got you, all the endless hours of dedicated work that you put in for the company. What did you get in return? Absolutely nothing! So now you've got to pick up the pieces and start all over again. The real question is. What Are You Going To Do?

Are you going to dedicate your life again to another company that could care less whether you live or die. Let them control your future again. Fall into the same old trap as you have in the past. Working for somebody else, making them rich while you take what few scraps they throw your way. Working day in and day out for your new company until they don't need you anymore, and toss you away like an empty beer can. How many times does this have to happen before you wake up and realize that there's a better way.

Why let someone else control your life and your personal finances? Why be at the mercy of someone else? Wouldn't it be Great to take control of your own life. Your own destiny. Your own personal finances? Why not start your own business?

Take back the control over your life that you've freely given away. Do you think that your Boss who's building a million dollar house and giving you a 50 cents cost of living raise really cares about you? Hell the cost of gas went up more than 50 cents in the last year. So what's that cost of living raise going to do for you? Not a Damn Thing!

You have a choice as with everything that you do in life. You can spend your time investing in someone else's future and their dreams, or You can spend it investing in Your Future and Your Dreams. The choice is yours as it always was. If you would like to discover a possible new future for yourself and your family then Please visit to get your copy of "Internet Marketing Explained" Free. For more information or if you have any questions that you would like to ask about Internet Marketing you might wish to visit our home site at

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